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Our Approach

Our standard approach to developing websites typically caters for the following:-

Free No Obligation Initial Consultation
Usually this involves holding an informal meeting at our design studio or at the client's premises. Alternatively we can confer over the phone, via Skype and hold remote desktop sessions. During the intial consultation we will make notes on the type of website the client is looking for and what they hope to achieve with the site. We will offer advise and exchange views on various options that might be appropriate. For complex projects we might require further information and subsequent meetings.

Free Detailed Quotation & Specification
Having ascertained the outline specification through the initial consultation process we will produce a detailed written specification and quotation that will take account of everything to be included in the website project, including additional services such as email and hosting. We will include details of any further information that we require, in due course, from the client, including feedback on a list of researched top search phrases to be used in optimising the web pages for the search engines. This document will be converted to a PDF and emailed to the client.

Order Process
Once the client has read through and considered our PDF Specification & Quotation and decided to proceed we will agree upon any queries and confirm the same by email. We will require an email from the client confirming their acceptance of our quotation and any amendments. We will then proceed with the project at the earliest opportunity.

Standard Payment Terms
On website projects under 1k in value we will raise one invoice on completion. For projects that exceed 1k in value that fall over more than one month we will raise interim invoices equivalent to the amount of development work completed. Invoices should be paid within 14 days of the invoice date. We will consider negotiating different terms with clients and we reserve the right to alter our standard terms on specific projects.

Development Phase
The development phase usually involves us in designing and developing the home page of the website first. We will upload the home page and associated files to one our web servers and email the client a link which they can click to view the home page. Once the client is completely happy with the home page we will proceed with developing the rest of the website. On larger projects we will hold review meetings as when it is useful to do so or at the request of the client.

Website Launch
When the client is happy that the website is ready to go live we will assist in making the necessary name server and/or DNS changes to the domain name to be used. At the same time we will configure any requirement for email and carry out the search engine optimisation measures/services, which include setting up a Google Account, Google Analytics Account, Google Webmaster Account, robot.txt file, and XML sitemap file.

If the website involves a Content Management System or e-commerce we will provide guidance and training to the client on how to carry out all the associated administration tasks. If the client asks us to setup business email on their domain name we will provide telephone support setting up the new email accounts in Outlook or Outlook Express.

Post Launch
If at any stage after the launch of a client's website the client discovers a fault or problem with their website we will attend to fixing this as a matter of priority. If the cause is directly attributable to something the client has done by using FTP or the CMS, for example, we will charge for the time we take, otherwise everything is carried out free of charge.

Hosting & Technical Support
The vast majority of our clients have their websites hosted and supported by D4 Internet. We cannot offer free support to websites not hosted on our own dedicated web servers. The hosting we provide is of the highest calibre and our Dedicated Rackspace SQL Web Server is comparable with the very best dedicated hosting available in the UK. Our hsting support includes for 24/7/52 response, regular backups of all website files and databases, and a high level of security both in the website build and server setup.

Customer Portal (coming soon)
Our Customer Portal, which is currently under development, will provide a private login area for all of our clients to access full details on their website(s). Included will be a Support Log which will enable clients to create 24/7 support tickets that we will act upon and reply to.

Service Level Agreement (coming soon)
To coincide with the launch of our Customer Portal we will provide an SLA that details the terms and conditions under which we develop, host and support client websites.

Free Website Reviews
All of our clients are welcome to contact us ay any time to discuss and request modifications to their website. We hold review meetings with our clients at which we can discuss the performance and future requirements of their site.

What are the aims of your website?
  • Drive new sales enquiries to your business.
  • Back-up your existing sales force with a great online professional image of your business.
  • Take online sales or e-commerce payments.
  • Keep your clients informed and up-to-date.
  • Clearly establish your brand or company on the internet.
  • Inform viewers and provide clear, concise information.

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